(the presences of qualities and internal meanings
task is to move humans by
means of achieving mastery in content, technique, feeling.)

                        behave differently toward works of art:
                        the best structures designed by the
best architects
                        display them.
                                                           attend them.                       
            bathe, feed, and clothe them.                                    not
just  as objects, but also as persons.

                        the tyranny of        aesthetics[, though].
            where what is missing is the presence of power,
            a dead “thing” separated from nature.
                        the art,
                                    the music,
                        all taken over.
                                                cut themselves off.

            be aware of what they are doing
                                    stop importing Greek myths and the
Western Cartesian split point of view and root ourselves in the
mythological soil and soul
                                    of the earth
            to be nurtured in it.

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